Fox Photography or How We Photographed Urban Foxes

April-July, 2016

We never dreamed about getting up close to red foxes. Our love story with foxes started when we moved to a suburb of London. We started observing these animals visiting our garden from the comfort of our home and soon were able to distinguish between individual foxes. So we named them "Paw", "Father", "Beauty",  "Mom", "Fuzzy" and etc. They are all with their individual characters and in that regard they are no different from us - humans.

We used several lenses. At the beginning when the foxes were more cautious or when we wanted to photograph portraits we used Canon 500mm f4 and 300mm f2.8. But after some time they allowed us close to them.  Especially "Paw" and "Father" showed very curious and brave personalities.
Red Fox photography in England, UK Later we experimented with wide angle and even macro lenses. 

Foxes were so comfortable around us that they even did not mind to fall asleep close by.

The whole photographic experience was very excited. We did not have time for anything else; after work we used to rush straight to the garden for the evening with the foxes. We simply loved being with them. 

On discovering our camera equipment, foxes were very excited and at the same time they gave us good photo opportunities.

Foxes visited our garden every single day. They have not done much damage to the plants, just from time to time the younger ones used to dig up couple of bulbs. On the other hand, we have noticed that they enjoyed a whiff or two from a blossom.

We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to observe such a fascinating and interesting animal as the Red fox.

We are delighted to know that other people love foxes and enjoy our photography. It's a brilliant painting by a wildlife artist Steward Featherstone who used our image as a reference for his painting.

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