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Wildlife photography is our passion which constantly takes us to remarkable and unforgettable locations, lets us experience and observe secrets of nature. When we are out in the wild, it's always an uplifting experience, it's a quiet moment of pleasure and peace. We just love it and simply follow our dream.


We strive for images that inspire, convey emotions, reveal beauty in simplicity and sit outside normal boundaries.

We have been awarded in various competitions. Our images are marketed by several photographic agencies and the best of work has been displayed in various exhibitions, published in newspapers, magazines, including front covers and feature stories.



The equipment we take to our trips will vary according to the subject and climate/weather of the location.

We use Canon cameras, two 1DX's with a range of lenses from 16 mm to 500 mm.

Other must haves in our equipment bag: angle finder, filters, binoculars, lots of batteries and memory cards.



We process everything in Photoshop. It is the software which we learned first and reached the level  where we feel confident using it.


Feel free to look around and if you like what you see or have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch via e-mail.


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