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There are roughly between 9,000 and 10,000 species of birds in the world. Some birds, especially crow family and parrots, are among the most intelligent animals.
White-Tailed Eagle in FlightWhite-tailed Eagle, NorwayGolden EagleSilhouette of White-tailed EagleRed Kite in FlightRed Kite, UKEurasian SparrowhawkTurkey VultureGreat Grey Owl, FinlandKingfisher on a Perch, UKMating KingfishersGreen Kingfisher, BrazilEuropean Bee-eater with a Bee, BulgariaAtlantic Puffin with Beak Full of Sand-eelsPuffin with DaisiesAtlantic Puffin in FlightAtlantic PuffinPuffin at SunsetHyacinth MacawBlue-and-yellow Macaw