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Portrait of JaguarSleepy JaguarJaguar JawningClose up of a Jaguar drinking water from the riverJaguar on a Sandy Coast, BrazilJaguar, South Pantanal, BrazilClose up of a Jaguar lying on a river bankJaguar in PantanalClose up of a Jaguar on a river bank, BrazilPortrait of Jaguar, PantanalJaguar Swimming, South PantanalClose up of a Giant Otter, Pantanal, BrazilClose up of a Giant Otter with a Fish, North PantanalCapybara in water with a butterfly on the head, North PantanalCapybara with a yellow bird on a head, BrazilGroup of Capibaras in Pantanal, BrazilCapibara with a Cattle tyrant sitting on a backClose up of Surprised Capibara, BrazilCapybara mother with four pups sitting on a river bank