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This is a selection of some "DG Wildlife" wildlife images that were published in newspapers, magazines, online and showed on TV.
Deer on a Football Pitch, 'The Times'Deer on a Football Pitch, 'Heute'Gelada monkeys watching as the sun sets over the mountains published in 'The Sunday Times''In Touch' USAFox the Photographer in 'Daily Mail'Red Fox in 'Guardian'Red Fox in 'Daily Mail'Red Fox in 'Mail Online' (Part 1)Red Fox in 'Mail Online' (Part 2)Red Fox in 'Mail Online' (Part 3)Cover for the "Wild Stuff" Book and several pictures in itPuffin in 'Practical Photography' magazine“Behavior Lesson” - top ten in "Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature"Puffin in National Geographic onlineArctic Fox cubs in 'The Times' newspaperGreat Spotted Woodpecker in Italian magazine 'Focus Wild'RSPB bookletPuffin in World Travel MagazineOtters in World Travel MagazineArticle about penguins in Lithuanian magazine "GEO Lietuva" (Part 1)