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Red Squirrel in a Lens HoodRed Squirrel in a Lens HoodWe photographed red squirrels in Yorkshire Dales. One ginger beauty was not shy at all and got inside a lens hood for a nice shelter.


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  • Thank you so much for supplying the wonderful winter squirrel photograph for use on our Bloodwise charity Christmas cards. Christmas cards make thousands of pounds for Bloodwise each year allowing us to fund world class research to beat blood cancer once and for all. And your contribution will help us to continue this vital work. Tank you again. Sabrina Lloyd bloodwise.org.uk


  • Brilliant photography....bringing to the viewer a world most of us would never see. Breathtaking images guys. Cheers. Dale McCleanahan


  • Just wanted to compliment you on the beautiful photos you have taken. I've actually discovered this site on accident but will save it to my Favs. list for sure. Thanks for the inspiration my friend. Michael Hernandez


  • Let me express how much I enjoyed wandering about your website. You have a wonderful collection of stunning images. Steve Zamek


  • ​Found your site via the British Wildlife Photography page. WOW! thank you for sharing your beautiful images, they are absolutely stunning. It is a real pleasure to see the work of people that understand and love the subjects that they photograph, and it is clear that you both do. Thank you again. Steve Raynor 


  • I have seen your pictures and there are many really fantastic shoots, especially the Red deer. Keep working on new pictures; you are doing it so well. My best regards Leif Ragnarsson (Sweden)


  • ​I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say that I think your photos, website and blog are superb. To be honest I came across your site a couple of days ago following a bit of research I was doing on South Georgia and the Falklands. I just couldn't stop looking at your Falkland photos, and now I have gone into the site deeper and see lots that I like. I've 'bookmarked' your blog and will follow you.  All the best with all your upcoming adventures - keep up the good work. Regards, Tony Enticknap


  • ​I have got to tell you that I love your photos and really looking forward to seeing the others. Great job! Have lots of fun. Radek Pavlicek


  • I've just been looking at your site and thought I should just spin you a line to say how great I think your photos are. Just superb! Keep shooting! Simon Barrett


  • ​Dar kartą teko įsitikinti koks mažytis pasaulis. Mano anyta padėjo Ole Martin verslo konsultacijomis, jis iš tos pačios vietos kur ir mano vyro tėvai. :) Jūsų nuotraukos nuostabios, vis nerandu laiko aš ir pati paklaidžioti tais kalnais. Nesitikiu grįžti su erelių nuotraukų serija, bet laukinė gamta ten nuostabi. :) Rimante


  • Laba diena, nuostabus straipsnis bei nuotraukos, labai patiko. Mantas


  • ​I just love your photos and observations . We have rabbits like these in our garden. They fascinate me very much and I've taken lots of photos. We have lived here 5 years and at any time we have only seen mostly three rabbits but max five. People said they would take over and ruin the garden. I don't think they have taken over because we live around farms. We hear shooting regularly... Bre​


  • You have the most beautiful photos of puffins I have seen. Thank you for sharing them on the internet. I am going to the Shetlands in June to see where my ancestors came from AND to see puffins. Jane Sinden



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