DG Wildlife by Dalia Kvedaraite and Giedrius Stakauskas | Favorite Wildlife Photos

Some of our Favorite Wildlife Images. Picking a favorite is never easy...
We hope you'll enjoy them.
Red Squirrel in the Falling SnowPortrait of Atlantic Puffin with Beak Full of Sand-eelsGentoo Penguin Chicks in the Falkland IslandsArctic Fox Cubs Play-fighting in IcelandArctic Fox in WinterRed Deer Stag in Winter FrostRed FoxesElephant Seal Pup on a Sunny DayKing PenguinsRed Deer RoaringSilhouette of an Arctic FoxKing Penguin feeding a ChickReflection of Brown Bear, FinlandEurasian Brown Bear Cubs Play-FightingClose-up Of Female Arctic FoxClose-up of fighting Musk Ox in NorwayKing Penguin Colony in the Falkland IslandsGentoo Penguin in a SandstormRed Fox at SunsetReflection of Red Squirrel