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Gentoo Penguin Chicks,  Falkland IslandsGelada Monkeys, Simien Mountains. 2nd place international "Golden Turtle" competitionEurasian Brown Bear Cubs Play-FightingBrown Bear in FinlandRed Deer Stag at DawnPortrait of a Jaguar, PantanalIn the Morning LightArctic Fox Cubs Play-fighting in IcelandTwo red deer stags fighting over dominance during rutting seasonFox Looking through the Lens. Published in various newspapers/magazinesFox the PhotographerClose up of two King penguins at SunsetArctic Fox Family. Displayed in Perlan Wonders of Iceland museum, ReykjavikArctic Fox in Winter, Iceland 1st place international "Golden Turtle" competitionPortrait of a Red FoxRed Squirrel in the Falling Snow. Donated to Bloodwise charityRed Squirrel in a Lens Hood. published in various newspapers.Close up of a Red fox smelling marigold flowerSurprised Capibara, BrazilGentoo Penguin in Storm, Falkland Islands