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When autumn comes and October approaching, we have a few things to look forward. Deer photography during the rut is definitely on top of the list.
Red Deer Stag at DawnPortrait of a Red DeerPortrait of a Red DeerRed Deer in WinterDeer in the Falling SnowRed Deer on a Frosty  MorningRed Deer on a Misty Autumn MorningDeer in MistRed Deer Stag during the RutRed Deer FightSilhouette of Red deer stags at sunriseRed Deer at SunriseRed Deer Stag at DawnA Roar of a DeerRed Deer Stag in WaterRed Deer in the RainPortrait of a Red DeerRutting StagRed deer stag with a jackdaw on his backRed Deer Roaring