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When autumn comes and October approaching, we have a few things to look forward. Deer photography during the rut is definitely on top of the list.
Red Deer Stag at DawnPortrait of a Red DeerPortrait of a Red DeerRed Deer in WinterDeer in MistRed Deer Stag during the RutRed Deer FightSilhouette of Red deer stags at sunriseRed Deer at SunriseRed Deer Stag at DawnRed Deer Stag in WaterRed Deer in the RainRed Deer RoaringRutting StagRed deer stag with a jackdaw on his backRed Deer Stag with a HindRed Deer Stag at DawnRed Deer FightRed Deer Stag at SunsriseRed Deer Fight