Adorable Fox

24 August, 2018

Outfoxed! Adorable moment clever rascal turns the table on photographer who's been snapping it for years and gets behind the lens


Wildlife photography normally involves the animal being in front of the camera and the photographer behind it. This fox, however, had other ideas. Balancing a careful paw on the tripod, it appeared to look through the viewfinder.

Looking through the LensLooking through the Lens Curious FoxCurious Fox

The animal is a frequent visitor to the garden of wildlife photographer Giedrius Stakauskas in Orpington, London. Mr Stakauskas has been photographing the friendly fox for two years in his home. The 42-year-old has even found himself on the other end of the lens as the inquisitive animal investigated his camera.

'Paw' the fox decided to turn the table on wildlife photographer Giedrius Stakauskas and step behind the camera.

Mr Stakauskas, who calls the fox Paw because of a white mark on one paw, said he had been photographing him for a couple of years.  During this time, we have achieved mutual understanding and trust.
The photographer, who is originally from Lithuania, also explained how the fox was very cautious at first. He said: ‘Our story with the foxes started when we moved to the suburb of London. We noticed that foxes were visiting our back garden in the late afternoon and we decided to try our luck to photograph them. To do so we had to use camouflage netting and clothes. Even then foxes were very cautious and most of the time used to run away from any slightest movement. Except one which was rather brave and curious. He didn’t seem bothered too much by our presence and gave the impression that he enjoys our company.' ‘Sometimes he used to come very close and investigated our equipment; even he used to poke his nose to the camera lens so that it was not possible to focus and capture the image.'

Mr Stakauskas said the fox would sleep under a bush or sniff the flowers as he worked in the garden. Paw became so calm and relaxed that he even used to fall asleep in front of the camera.
‘We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to observe such a fascinating and interesting animal as the Red Fox from such a close distance.

‘The feeling that the animal trusts you is very special.’ 



Sharron Thompson(non-registered)
What an incredible set of photos! To gain the trust of such a beautiful creature is amazing! That fox must feel so safe and secure to interact with you and the equipment. Superb and well done xx
Kody Chippenham(non-registered)
Oh my God that little fox is so adorable. Does he let you to pet him? What do you have for him inside your camera lens? Is it cheese maybe berries?
Congrats for being featured in the 'Daily Mail' but leaving Dalia out of the article wasn't fair.
It's funny how you have travelled around the world and the photos for your best blogs were taken in your backyard.
Thank you for sharing your adventures
Amazing photo's Giedrius Stakauskas. Absolutely love them. You should write a book about your experiences with this beautiful creature and ofcourse include your amazing photo's. ❤
Great article. I love your photos:-)
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