Red Foxes in Netherlands

October - November, 2017


If you want to see the Red Fox, there aren’t many better places than Netherlands. We’ve spent couple of years successfully photographing foxes in our garden.

But there has been a lot of hype around this “Dune Fox” site recently, so we decided to visit the place.

Getting there. We booked a flight from London to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. From there we took a train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk, and then changed for Zandvoort. The journey takes around 50 min. Really easy!

Equipment. We took 70-200mm, 300mm and 500mm lenses. Sometimes even phone camera was useful as the foxes were very relaxed and easy approachable. We photographed using all three lenses depending on the situation, but 300mm and 500mm were used most of the time. Telephoto lenses were very handy for portrait and close-up shots.

Portrait of a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) yawning against clear background. If you decide to take your 500mm, bear in mind, it is a long walk to and from the nature reserve. It can only be accessed on foot; bikes and cars are not allowed to enter. 

Best part – Photography. We’ve spent six exciting days photographing red fox. There are certain “hot spots” where foxes are most likely to be seen. 

The weather was on our side most of the days, so we enjoyed soft warm light with a mix of autumn colors. 

Close up of a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) in the meadow. Close up of a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) standing in grass, UK.

Red Fox in the FieldRed Fox in the Field At the end of autumn foxes look chubbier as they get ready for winter.

Close up of a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) in the meadow. Cubs, which are born in March, by the end of October, are much more mature but not quite adults.

Close up of a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) walking in the grass Close up of a Red fox curiously looking through the shoulder. We call them “teenagers”. Nevertheless, they are quite playful and it’s a joy to observe their behavior.

Playful FoxesPlayful Foxes

 We’ve witnessed some fights between foxes. Most of the time it was young adults fighting older foxes for territory.

 What we like most about the place is the possibility to catch golden colors of beautiful sunsets.

In the Morning LightIn the Morning Light

Red Fox at SunsetRed Fox at Sunset Well, you would probably ask: “Was it worth visiting Dune Foxes?” Of course, yes. It’s an adventure, excitement, memories and most important people you meet. Thank you very much Menno and Ruud.




Terri Maxfield Lipp(non-registered)
These photos are so BEAUTIFUL! I was just in the Netherlands and had a very special encounter with one of these gorgeous creatures and was looking for more information about them when I ran across your site. Thank you so much for sharing these images!
Magnifiques une beauté . Laissez les vivres ...
PALLANCA Edith(non-registered)
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