Fox the Photographer

April-July, 2016


There is no other animal in Britain that brings so many controversial thoughts as the Red Fox. With these images we wanted to show a beautiful and curious side of urban foxes. Some of the images were shown in "Daily Mail" and "Mail Online".

The whole experience photographing red foxes was very excited and of course rewarding. We started observing foxes visiting our garden from the comfort of our home.

As we observed the foxes and their characters for some time, we spotted two of them quite curious and not so shy as the others - we named them Paw and Father. 

At the beginning Paw was a bit cautious, but after sometime both of them allowed us very close to them.  As you see, sometimes foxes can be cheeky.

But they have a nice side as well...

On discovering camera, Father fox was very comfortable around it.​ He tested every piece of equipment.

 Later Paw joined the "show".

It was a really special experience to see and photograph foxes and their emotions from such a short distance just in our back garden.

It feels amazing that we managed to gain the trust of such a beautiful creature. 



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