Colin the Cuckoo

June, 2022

Local celebrity Colin the Cuckoo drew us to visit Thursley Common. He is present here in the UK only for a short period of time. He comes back from Africa in April and leaves at the end of June.
We've visited Thursley Common twice this year. The first visit was in late April after we've received the news that Colin was back. The second time was in June just before his departure. 

Both times Colin performed nicely. He showed up several times, mainly in late mornings and early afternoons.

This remarkable bird returned to the same site at Thurslay Common for 8 consecutive years. 

Other birds, like redstarts or chaffinches are happy to hang around and look for food.

Thursley Common is a great place to encounter the Dartford Warbler. Interesting to mentioned, that in the 1960s, only 10 pairs of Dartford Warblers remained in the UK. Today, there are about 3,200 pairs nesting on UK's lowland heaths. It's a joy to see and photograph them.

Thursley Nature Reserve is one of the natural wonders in Surrey and definitely well worth visiting.



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