Red Deer Rut

2022 autumn

When October comes, we always look forward for a Red Deer rutting season. We photograph deer in two Royal Parks in London: Richmond and Bushy Park. 

Bushy Park is smaller than Richmond Park, probably about half the size of it. Because it is more compact it's actually easier to find and photograph deer here. On another hand Richmond Park offers a little bit different photo opportunities with large open areas.

We always come early in the mornings before sunrise so there is enough time to locate deer just before sun starts to appear on the horizon.

Deer rut can provide endless photo opportunities.

Deer behaviour during the rut is unpredictable. Last year in October, we've witnessed how a stag jumped over the fence into the football pitch while chasing his rival. You can read more about it here.

Witnessing spectacular fights and power of red deer is pretty intense.

The rut lasts until early November but even then there are great photo opportunities especially in the morning when grass is covered with shiny crystals of frost. 

Red deer cast their antlers in February - March.  At that time they look a bit rough.

New antlers grow back over a period of months while covered in a furry velvet skin.

When autumn comes, dramatic deer rut scenes start all over again.



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