Deer Photography During the Rut

October, 2013

Red deer photography during the annual rutting season is a truly thrilling experience. This year we were a bit worried that we have missed it as we had to make a trip abroad. Luckily, ten days later the mating season was not over.

At the beginning the weather didn't cooperate with us very well.

Luckily, after a few rainy days, we were rewarded with some beautiful mornings and sparkling jewels of dew.

Close-Up of Young Red Deer Stag with Ferns on AntlersClose-Up of Young Red Deer Stag with Ferns on Antlers, England Luckily the weather cooperated and rewarded us with a beautiful sunrise during red deer rut in early autumn. We love mist in the mornings as it gives marvelous photographic opportunities. 

Close up of a young red deer buck during rutting season in autumn, UK. Mist have definitely added an air of mystery to a glorious early morning while photographing red deer - the largest wild land mammal of UK.

A week later the mating season was almost over. Just a few stags were trying to impress hinds.

Close-up of a Red deer roaring during rutting season in autumn, UK.

A few days later the red deer rutting season was over.

As fallow deer rut peaks a week or two later than the Red deer, we spent some time with  Fallow deer. 

Close up of a Fallow deer (Dama dama) on a misty morning in autumn, UK.

Overall this year was a brilliant experience capturing Red and fallow deer in various weather conditions. We can't wait for the next rutting season to start...


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