Deer photography


When autumn comes and October approaching, we have a few things to look forward. Deer photography during the rut is definitely on top of the list. This time of year is full of amazing action and dramatic scenes. It would be a shame to miss it.

Close-up of red deer stag calling during rutting season in autumn. Close-up of red deer stag calling during rutting season in autumn, UK. This year autumn was warm with temperatures well above average. With such summery conditions we couldn’t expect to make photos of a roaring deer on a frosty morning. Fortunately we had some great misty sunrises with spectacular light.

Red deer photography during the annual rut is always exciting experience especially if it's a cold and misty morning. Silhouette of Red deer (Cervus elaphus) stags in the morning light, UK.

During the peak of the rut stags behave aggressively, chase off their rivals, roar and grunt all day long trying to impress females.

Close-up of a Red deer roaring during rutting season in autumn, UK. This young male tried to blow away hinds with a superb "hairstyle". The older stag could not compete with him.

Close up of a Red deer (Cervus elaphus) stag with grass on antlers during rutting season in autumn, UK.

We have witnessed some fights between  young males and older stags.

Admittedly, some of the fights are really brutal and end up with injuries and bad scars.

 Birds sitting down on deer always gives a smile. It's a good resting and feeding place; deer hair is also a perfect nest material. Magpies and starlings are one of the most adventurous birds.

Close up of a red deer stag with two jackdaws on his back in autumn, UK. Deer try to impress the hinds and gather as many as possible into their 'harem'. Even the younger ones.

Close up of a Red deer stag with a hind during rutting season, autumn in UK. Close-up of a red deer stag calling during rutting season in autumn, UK. October is the the peak of the deer rutting season. At the beginning of November the tension among stags is calming down. In the middle of November the rutting season is over.

In December we had couple weeks of colder weather, so we decided to revisit the deer sites again.  Cold, frosty and sunny winter mornings were brilliant for photography.

Close up of a Red deer stag bellowing in winter, UK.

Red Deer in WinterRed Deer in Winter

Young red deer buck standing in the frosted grass on an early cold winter morning, England. Animals in winter. While photographing deer, birds always fly around. European stonechat looked like from a Christmas card.  

Stonechats are robin sized birds. Females lack the male's black head, but have brown backs and an orange chests.

Overall this year's deer photography was a brilliant experience. 


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