Visitors of Our Garden

For days we were watching the wildlife through the windows of our house before one day we decided to take our cameras and spend some time photographic visitors of our small garden. We transformed our shed to a hide, covered a garden fence with some grass for a better background and of course filled  feeders with sunflower seeds, nuts, suet and dry worms. With a cup of tea and comfy cushions we were ready for some action. 

During the first couple of days Starlings were the most frequent guests. Their numbers have fallen drastically over the last years  in England, so it was nice to see them in our garden.  

Starlings were a little bit noisy and greedy, they used to descend on food in large numbers and eat most of it leaving not a lot for the other birds. It was interesting to watch how juveniles chase after the parents asking for food or fight each other over a bigger and tastier piece; there was a lot of action by the feeders.

We made an additional feeder for Goldfinches, Dunnocks, House Sparrows, Robins, Blue Tits and other small birds, so the presents of fighting starlings would not bother them too much. They seemed to be pleased with the idea.

Blue tit perching on a cherry blossom twig branch in spring, UK. Close-up of an European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) perching on a post, UK. Close up of a Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) perched on a hazelnut tree with catkin, UK.

Close up of a juvenile Common Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) perched on a tree branch, UK.

We were thrilled to see Great Spotted Woodpeckers in our garden. At the beginning there was a male Woodpecker regularly visiting a suet feeder but later a juvenile spend some time with us. Luckily he did not react to a clicking noise of our cameras and wasn't too shy to pose.

One day we spotted a Stag beetle next to the flower bed. 

Neighbors' cats used to check out our garden from time to time. 

Close-up of a cat lying at a concrete fence.

Couple of Grey Squirrels regularly came to sniff around our garden. If we do not leave some peanuts, greys always find ways to get sunflower seeds from the bird feeders. They do little damage in our garden and we really appreciate their visits and their extraordinary acrobatics.

Close up of Eastern grey squirrel against green background, UK.

We've noticed that Foxes like to visit our garden as well.

Couple of weeks ago we were very surprised to see a Sparrowhawk on the fence. We haven’t seen him since, but we are sure he scans the feeders from time to time. Hopefully one day we gonna manage to take a picture ...

More news ... we had a Fieldfare visiting our garden this winter. Apples have done a trick. He stayed for three days but departed as soon as snow melted. Good life was back to normal for Blackbirds as the Fieldfare was a bit aggressive and didn't let them near the apples.

Recently we had a nice encounter with a Wren. So every morning we are treated to a nice and loud Wren's song.




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