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Gelada Monkeys, Simien MountainsGroup of Gelada Monkeys, EthiopiaEurasian Brown Bear Cubs Play-FightingBrown Bear in the ForestBrown Bear in FinlandJaguar, BrazilPortrait of  a Jaguar, BrazilClose up of a Yacare caiman eating piranhaEnjoying the SnowRed Fox and RobinFox Looking through the Lens. Published in various newspapers/magazinesCurious red fox inspects camera gear left in the gardenClose up of a Red fox smelling marigold flowerPortrait of a Red FoxRed Deer Stag at DawnRed Deer and RobinDeer in the Falling SnowRed Deer on a Misty Autumn MorningRed Deer Stag with a HindRed Squirrel in Winter