Foxes and bluebells

April, 2024

We had long anticipated our journey to the New Forest, eager to witness the famed spectacle of bluebells in spring. Yet, as fate would have it, our own local woods unveiled secrets just as enchanting.

This spring, equipped with our cameras, we set out to capture the magic of the season among the bluebells, with one of our favorite subjects being the red fox. 

During our exploration, we stumbled upon patches of white-flowered Three Cornered leek, adding an unexpected charm to the already picturesque scene.

Venturing deeper into the forest, where the bluebells were more sparse and sunlight filtered through the dense canopy above, we encountered another fox. Although the bluebells were fewer, photographing the red fox amidst the beauty of springtime remained a pleasure.

Each journey through the woods never ceases to marvel us with the beauty that envelops us at every turn.

Now, with anticipation, we eagerly await the later weeks of spring for the opportunity to photograph woodpeckers, reflecting on the successes of the past year.



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