Deer Photography during Rutting Season

October, 2012


We’ll always remember that dark and cold October morning when for the first time we've witnessed an impressive annual Red Deer rut. The time when the largest wild land mammals of UK roar, bark and clash antlers does not last long and without a doubt is unforgettable. Our favorite time for Red Deer photography is dawn. Of course most of the mornings we ended up moaning about bad weather and cloudy skies, but on the odd occasions we were greeted by breathtaking mornings with beautiful golden light...

Early October mornings are quite often foggy because of cold nights and warm days. Three days in a row we ended up having such a thick fog that it was almost impossible to see each other, so we could forget about deer photography. On the fourth morning the weather was kind to us - we were greeted by a blanket of mist.

During the day the light is not the best but still there is a good chance to capture some great characters...

This red reed stag did not look too cool with a strangely hanging ear.

In the afternoon deer are less active; some are sleeping, others enjoy "spa treatments".

When deer are less active, it's a good time to photograph squirrels. Some tasty peanuts have done the trick attracting the attention of this grey-coated beauties.

This yawning squirrel was captured on a sunny afternoon in the Bushy park, London. The little fellow was clearly sleepy and soon lied down on a log.

Jackdaws, Green Woodpeckers, Ring – necked Parakeets, Jays, Grey Herons, Kingfishers, Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Crows, Yellow Wagtails, Stonechats and other species of birds can be easily spotted in the Bushy park.

One day this little fellow we caught by surprise. The Fallow deer calf did not expect to see us hiding behind the tree, where possibly it was his favorite feeding spot.

In the afternoon we used to go back to deer photography and wait for some beautiful light. 





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