As many as a million penguins nest in the Falklands every summer, representing five of the world's seventeen species –King, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Magellanic and Macaroni.
King PenguinsGentoo Chick ChaseGentoo Penguin Yelling at a ChickGentoo penguins in a chaseRockhopper Penguin, Falkland IslandsRockhopper Taking a Refreshing ShowerRockhopper PenguinsRockhopper Penguin ChicksInjured RockhopperRockhopper Penguins at the NeckGentoo Penguin in a SandstormMagellanic PenguinsKing Penguin Colony in the Falkland IslandsKing PenguinsKing Penguins at Sunset on a Sandy BeachKing Penguin Sittingg on an EggKing Penguin ChickKing Penguin ChickKing Penguin feeding a ChickMagellanic Penguin Calling