Images from unforgettable our wildlife photography trips.
With Huskies in Norway PhotographingMusk OxIn a Search of Musk Oxen, NorwayMusk Ox Photography in Dovrefjell, NorwayOn the Way to Photograph White-Tailed EaglesRescue by Icelandic Coast Guard HelicopterAirport in Saunders IslandPhotographing Arctic FoxesLanded in Sea Lion Island, FalklandsVisiting Falkland IslandsTogether with Sigbjorn Photographing Musk OxenVolunteer Point with PenguinsRainy day in Iceland, HornstrandirWith "Eagle Man" Ole Martin DahleStriated Caracara Attemts to Steal the BagWith Gentoo Penguin ChicksLiving with the Penguins in SaundersWhile Photographing Arctic Foxes in Iceland