Fox the Photographer

April-July, 2016


We started observing foxes visiting our garden from the comfort of our home. The first couple of years we photographed foxes through the kitchen window and used camera traps at night. This year we decided to try to take images from our garden. At the beginning foxes were a bit wary of us but later if we sit still they even used to sleep in front of us. 

The whole experience photographing red foxes was very excited and of course rewarding. During that time we did not have time for anything else; after work we used to rush straight to the garden for the evening with the foxes.

Close-Up of Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)Close-Up of Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Sometimes we just used to watch them and observe their behaviour. Their curiosity presented great photographic opportunities. On discovering camera equipment, foxes were excited as much as we were seeing them around it.​

At the beginning they acted a bit shy and cautious.

But later they tested every piece of equipment.

Foxes were ready to take some images.

These are the best shots :)

European RobinEuropean Robin Reflection of Male ChaffinchReflection of Male Chaffinch

Foxes seemed pretty happy with the results too.

It was a really special experience to see and photograph foxes and their emotions from such a short distance just in our front garden.