The best of our Close-Up Wildlife Images
Arctic Fox Cub, SummerRed Squirrel in the Falling SnowArctic Fox in WinterRed Deer in WinterCheeky Re FoxRed Deer with a Crown of LeavesPortrait of Atlantic Puffin with Beak Full of Sand-eelsClose - up of Atlantic PuffinMale Brown BearBrown Bear with CubsClose-Up of Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)Close-Up of Rockhopper PenguinKing Penguin ChickJuvenile RockhopperClose-up of King CormorantYawning Grey SquirrelClose-up of Black-Browed AlbatrossElephant Seal Pup on the Falkland IslandsClose-up of a moulting Southern Elephant Seal